With every latest innovation in data processing, the information technology and telecommunication field evolves and adapts. Handling the material from this domain requires an approach that is just as dynamic.

Trust our experienced localization teams for smooth state-of-art communication of all your IT&T content.

Website Localization

Website Localization

A website is the first step towards attracting potential customers and providing support to the existing ones. Engaging these customers in a dialogue in their native language is the next logical step.

In such projects, translating the facts is just as important as localizing the content to show the company is in touch with its local customers – this builds trust and loyalty, which are at the core of a fruitful relationship.

Localizing an existing website can be challenging in terms of layout and space as different languages have different requirements. Therefore, we invite you to entrust our experienced linguists and designers to smoothly translate your vision and bring it to life.

Multilingual SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) makes use of the most frequently used search keywords and search phrases on the internet to improve the visibility of a website. An optimised website appears among the first few results in the search results list and is more likely to be visited than those further down the list.

If the localized website is multilingual, the search keywords and phrases differ across the languages and therefore need to be compiled separately for accurate optimisation. The collected data is then incorporated into the website with the necessary adjustments.

Once you entrust your SEO needs to us, we will help you become a hit.

Multilingual Website Localization

The decision of localizing a website usually goes hand-in-hand with expansion plans of entering new markets. If the market is large, say Brazil, localization into a single language is worth the effort. If the goal is to target a region of several smaller markets, for example, in the Eastern Europe, it is more prudent to undertake the localization into all the languages of this region at once.

Localizing the same material into several languages at the same time allows for the delivery of refined multilingual results. Translation issues can be recognised in one language and resolved across all, and content changes or improvements can be implemented in all languages together. This saves time and unifies the information provided throughout the website.

We take the know-how of managing a multilingual project and deliver a localized tool for your further success.

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