Travel & Hospitality

Travel & Hospitality

Travelling allows for experiencing different cultures directly, but language as its inherent part can be a barrier with varying results – in the worst case scenario, from social blunders to booking disasters.

Websites, social media, or videos – whatever the medium, people respond to what catches their attention and speaks to them. When it comes to exploring, clarity is key.

By having the information of a travel destination or a hotel there in their native language, the traveller has the confidence to enjoy the trip to the fullest. By providing the localised version of the information, we can ensure the traveller does not miss out on either the cultural highlights or the cultural nuances and spends their adventure without misunderstandings.

When thinking of Barcelona as a tourism destination, probably every one of us has a vague picture of the ancient city with its beautiful architecture and lively cultural scene. Wrapping up more than 2 000 years of history in such a general way does little justice to the city, but it is the view from afar.

Trust a Barcelonian to help you see beyond – from their perspective at the heart of it all. Connect the picture of Gaudí in your mind with the real thing and see the masterpiece be both the highlight of the skyline and the background for the bustling cultural centre. Enjoy pa amb tomàquet at a corner restaurant while you listen to the locals explaining why this bread is the best out there. With your eyes and mind open, watch the stories of the city unfold around you with the past and the present entwined.

By focussing on local knowledge in localising travel and hospitality materials, we trust our linguists to bring colour and depth to a vision you are ready to travel for to see in real life.

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