Global Language Services

A professional translation and localization service combines human ingenuity, global reach in managing resources and technological acumen to handle even the most demanding content.

Our professional translation and localization teams are some of the best in business, and our vast experience allows us to manage these teams efficiently. Add the latest in technological advances in localization industry and you have AD VERBUM – your translation and localization partner.

Linguistic Asset Management

Linguistic Asset Management

The use of technologies in translation does not replace the human labour invested in translation, or preparing terminology glossaries and style guides. These essentially determine the language of the material and its tone – something technology is unable to replicate.

We can work with your pre-existing material for this purpose or we can also develop these linguistic assets for you and manage their implementation for a refined corporate image.

These glossaries and style guides serve as the basis for creating term bases (TB) and translation memories (TM), which have a more efficient technological application in the modern localization process.

TBs and TMs can be incorporated in the CAT environment and have an immediate effect on the translation process. Both TBs and TMs are most effective when properly managed. Whether we create it anew or use the customer’s material, we refer to it for every single related project and update it with any terminological or register-related changes made.

By managing TBs and TMs, we ensure that every person involved in the project is up to speed with the current requirements and can produce the necessary quality material with unified efforts and maximum cost-efficiency.

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