Global Language Services

A professional translation and localization service combines human ingenuity, global reach in managing resources and technological acumen to handle even the most demanding content.

Our professional translation and localization teams are some of the best in business, and our vast experience allows us to manage these teams efficiently. Add the latest in technological advances in localization industry and you have AD VERBUM – your translation and localization partner.

Localization Service

Localization Service

Simply put, localization is translation with the target audience in mind, but its true significance in global markets is far-reaching. A 2006 study by Common Sense Advisory shows that almost 75% consumers are more likely to buy products in their native language.

Localizing the material related to your product allows you to take a customer-oriented approach and introduce cultural familiarity, which instils trust.

The right tone of address in a hearing aid manual or just the right number of pixels on a mobile application screen can make all the difference between a poor experience and a returning customer.

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